Smart Power

Online monitoring device installed on the line on the tower pole Real-time transmission of line channel environment and status information through wireless 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless

Mobile Communications

Mobile communications for customers: mobile Internet, smart sales enterprise solutions: based on Android system development of customizable mobile smart phones

Smart Transportation

Intelligent transportation industry facing customers: rental, public transportation, passenger transportation and other public transportation solutions: GPS/Beidou navigation

Logistics Industry

The logistics industry faces customers: department stores, supermarkets, clothing stores, cosmetics stores, food stores, and express hotels. Solutions: 1. Automatically check the shipment by scanning the barcode to avoid the wrong delivery of the goods

Medical Industry

The medical industry faces customers: hospitals, doctors, nurses, and patients. Solutions: 1. Browse, query, check, collect, execute, and output patient-related information anytime and anywhere

Public Utilities

Government public utilities for customers: traffic police, power meter readers Solutions: 1. Traffic police: data and on-site pictures are shared instantly, allowing managers to understand the situation on the spot